3 Key Leadership Skills for Effective Remote Work

Corinna Hagen
4 min readApr 28, 2022

You might say, “leadership is leadership, no matter where it takes place.” And, to some extent, you are right. But there is a set of leadership skills that is magnified in a remote work setting. That is, because remote work comes with its own unique requirements, as we’ve all experienced.

So, what are the skills you must master to excel as a remote leader?

Time Management gives the illusion that we manage a finite resource we have no control over. Time expires every second. What we manage are our priorities and that we do have control over.


Hone In On Key Remote Leadership Skills

Time management.

This is a bit of a mislabeled skill. It isn’t really time we’re managing, it’s our priorities. And with so many opportunities for false urgencies and endless Zoom calls to take over our schedules, leaders need to know how to set priorities for themselves and others to use time wisely.

When you know your priorities, you can align your schedule around it. Time blocking and chunking are two effective and frequently used methods to manage your calendar around those priorities.

It is important that you don’t just list your priorities in your daily planner or create a note with your “list.” This is missing the vital part of allocating time for your priorities. Make sure you schedule your priorities on your calendar and treat them like appointments. When the reminder comes up, you have to go to attend your meeting with your priority.


Being in an office already puts us into a different frame of mind. Working from home requires planning ahead — directing yourself — and ensuring that we find ways to dedicate physical space and time to focus on work.

Corinna Hagen

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