6 Pivotal Reasons To Improve Your Leadership Communication Skills

Corinna Hagen
7 min readSep 5, 2022
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What is Leadership Communication?

Not all great leaders in history have been the best communicators from the start. The most successful, memorable, and effective leaders in history have learned to become outstanding communicators. We are not born that way. Leadership communication is an acquired skill that we learn through observation, experimentation, reflection, teaching, coaching, and most of all: continuous practice.

75% of employees view communication as the most important leadership skill (Haiilo) yet only 18% see this applied by the leaders in their organization.

I specialize in high-stakes communication, so I look at leadership communication from three angles:

  1. Building high-performance teams (using communication to lead others)
  2. Interacting with senior leaders (strategic communication with seasoned leaders)
  3. Building your brand (leadership style, perception, ambition)
Zaradigm’s Focus Dimensions for Leadership Communication

Overall, leadership communication aims at equipping you with the leadership skills that will be most frequently expected of you at any organization. Leadership communication focuses on those communication skills that are most critical to the success of leaders. This may differ slightly depending on the role in the organization, but often includes:

  • Convincing senior executives
  • Handling objections, employee resistance, conflict, or market crises
  • Presenting in high-stakes situations such as investor and board meetings
  • Driving transformation and mobilizing teams
  • Drawing and holding attention, and resonating through stories

The skillsets that enable the ability to master these typical challenges and similar ones are key to success. This makes leadership communication coaching a key investment for both organizations and individual leaders since success in this area is key to success in critical business areas.

Why Is Communication…



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