Run More Effective Meetings (Or Risk Your Career)

Corinna Hagen
8 min readJun 12, 2023

“I’m not exaggerating! It was just another useless meeting that ‘could have been an email’ and just wouldn’t end.”, grumbled my client who runs operations for a healthcare tech firm. No results were produced and he wondered why this cycle kept repeating.

If you’ve felt like this at one point during your career, there’s hope for more effective meetings. You’re not alone and the solutions in this article will help you greatly.

It is mindblowing what levels of madness we can create over time when ineffective habits and rules become common culture and an accepted status quo. Most people I speak to dread endless and unproductive meetings. When they consider what they truly spend their time on and how the time is used, they find a lot of room for improvement.

This reminds me of:


My client’s leadership team noticed that teams did not collaborate well and performance expectations were missed. When we looked into it, we realized that one component contributing to the sliding performance was how ineffective meetings were run.

The Wider Impact of Effective Meetings:

Strengthen Communication

Effective meetings are the cornerstone of great leadership. As a leader, you need to create an environment where everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard. Effective team meetings are marked by their ability to help to strengthen communication amongst a team, align expectations, provide clarity on expectations, and achieve specific objectives.

Effective team meetings ensure that everyone is on the same page, tasks are delegated appropriately, and timelines are established. A leader who can facilitate organized and professional meetings is one who is able to inspire their team and foster a collaborative and productive work environment. Scroll down to the meeting tips to see what you can do to practically apply this.

Boost Productivity

In highly effective team meetings, goals are established and expectations are laid out, creating a sense of accountability and urgency among team members. If you run working meetings…



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