Your Leadership Development Plan: 9 Actionable Ways To Shape Your Career

Corinna Hagen
8 min readApr 3, 2023

A leadership development plan is an action plan designed to help leaders grow and develop their skills. Without a plan like this, you may find yourself challenged like this startup leader:

My client Jake works at a fast-growing tech startup. While his name is changed for this article, I am glad he has allowed me to share his experience with you: Jake had always been a high achiever and was quickly promoted to a leadership position within his company.

As his responsibilities grew, Jake realized that he didn’t have a clear plan for developing his leadership skills. He was so focused on meeting the demands of his new role that he neglected to invest in his own growth and development. As a result, he struggled to manage his team effectively. He found himself micromanaging, lacking delegation skills, and struggling to motivate his team. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t seem to get his team to work together effectively.

Jake’s experience highlights the importance of creating a personal leadership development plan. Without a clear plan for growth and development, even the most talented and ambitious business leaders can struggle to succeed in their roles. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses and setting clear goals for improvement, emerging leaders can become more effective in their leadership roles.

You can take charge of your career trajectory as a leader by creating your personal leadership development plan.

Defining a Personal Leadership Development Plan:

A leadership development plan is an action plan designed to help leaders grow and develop their skills. It involves assessing current abilities, setting objectives, and establishing a timeline for achieving them, along with the necessary resources needed to reach the desired outcomes. It also includes actionable steps that outline the day-to-day activities required to work towards these goals.

Leadership development plans are implemented in many organizations as they provide leaders with an opportunity to identify areas of improvement and create a roadmap for personal and professional growth.

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