Leadership can be a loaded term. Ask someone what it takes to be a leader, and you’ll likely get different responses. However, there is an expectation for leaders, including a skillset leaders are assumed to master.

So, I’ve taken the time to carefully craft a list of recommended literature along…

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Have you ever been ghosted by a recruiter or hiring manager? If you’re not familiar with “ghosting” — lucky you! Ghosting is the act of suddenly disappearing by no longer responding to any messages. Both employers and job seekers lament the practice. But that’s changing now.

We only get disappointed…

They say people leave bad managers, not employers. What makes a manager intolerable to employees? What does it mean to be a “Helicopter Boss” and how does one impact performance?

1 — Leading Thought

Micromanagement intends to control a team but achieves the exact opposite. (Corinna Hagen)


2 — Your Choice: Enable Performance

When the pandemic shifted…

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Do the words “leadership” and “balance” sound like opposites to you? You’re in good company.

Many leaders desire balance, but I often hear how hard it is for them to “find it.” Usually, the argument is that it is “probably impossible since leaders are required to (___ fill-in-the-blank___). …

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Who wins your ego, or you?

It may seem that the two are the same, but they are not. Your ego can get get in your way. Are you a leader who asks for help?

Leaders encounter this challenge at one point, or another: They are hesitant to ask for…

Over the past six months, I have written a book: “High-Performance Virtual Work: How Leaders Create Effective Virtual Workplaces.” Drumroll… The book launched today!

A publisher approached me to write about virtual work. In fact, this was due to my twelve years of virtual work experience. A request to author…

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Most leaders share that they care about their teams. Many of them say they have their finger “on the pulse” of the organization. Do you?

There is no health without mental health. — David Satcher


Your Employees Think You Don’t Care (Enough)

A recent survey by Ginger, a mental health app, showed that there…

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Have you been giving an important presentation or and suddenly heard a voice in your head saying something like, “That was a dumb idea. Now they will find out that you don’t belong here”?

Maybe it was something similar. Let’s call this voice your inner critic. …

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We’re halfway through the year and a few miles away from your New-Year’s Resolution. How are you progressing on your goals?

If you’re like most people, you have tried and stopped, perhaps tried again, and are still trying to create consistent change. You want to reach your goals (of course!)…

By this time of the year, work is moving at a fast pace for most leaders. We’re long past the holidays and past setting plans. We’re directing, aligning, enabling, achieving, reporting, challenging, problem solving, and making decisions along the way.

It can make us dizzy or throw us of track…

Corinna Hagen

Goal digger, business writer, cat lover and design aficionado. Leadership Communication Coach and Talent Development Consultant at zaradigm.com.

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