Leadership can be a loaded term. Ask someone what it takes to be a leader, and you’ll likely get different responses. However, there is an expectation for leaders, including a skillset leaders are assumed to master.

So, I’ve taken the time to carefully craft a list of recommended literature along those expectations. Then I combined it with the topics most frequently requested in coaching.

This article organizes 29 of the most influential leadership books into eight categories.

1 — Leading Thought

“It’s not an accident that successful people read more books.” Seth Godin

2 — Grow Your Leadership In These Areas

Reading is vital to your growth as a leader, personal development…

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We’re halfway through the year and a few miles away from your New-Year’s Resolution. How are you progressing on your goals?

If you’re like most people, you have tried and stopped, perhaps tried again, and are still trying to create consistent change. You want to reach your goals (of course!). Maybe you’ve thought about giving up, but then someone told you that you haven’t lost until you’ve given up, so you’re determined to keep trying.

If your approach so far hasn’t worked, let’s try a new approach and keep you from entering insanity. Deal?

Starting Is Half The Battle

Let’s say you want to change…

By this time of the year, work is moving at a fast pace for most leaders. We’re long past the holidays and past setting plans. We’re directing, aligning, enabling, achieving, reporting, challenging, problem solving, and making decisions along the way.

It can make us dizzy or throw us of track if we don’t remain alert. This week’s Leading Choices talks about keeping focus when you’re in a storm or when the business train is running at a mind-blowing speed.

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is. — Wayne Gretzky


Don’t Be a Knee-Jerk


How has your week been? Time flies, doesn’t it? Does it feel like your time went down the drain, without any stopper to help you use your time before it’s gone?

Let’s talk about reclaiming some of your time.

Your Time Is Your Budget

When people share concerns about time escaping them, they often view it as something that makes a decision to walk away. But time is a constant: every day has the same 24 hours. The sun rises and sets. What you do alongside of this timeline is entirely in your hands.

Of course, there are exceptions. There are things beyond your reach…

Most people cringe when they think about conflict. The response is natural. Conflict imposes a danger and the human brain is wired to escape danger. You may have heard of the expression “fight-or-flight mode.” Our response can be ad hoc, defensive, or even inflated.

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. — Margaret Hefferman

We want harmonious relationships so we can collaborate and get things done, even in a competitive environment. What do you do when conflict arises in your team? What do you do when you are in the middle of it?


Have you ever wondered how much influence you can have on your career? How much do your choices impact your leadership? How many decisions are made by external factors?

The question about external factors influencing your future hardly matters. That’s because you have the power of choice. Even if unfavorable circumstances hit you, you can choose to respond in different ways.

What happens when you find it hard to make any decision or remain inactive? The same will happen as with every other choice because indecision and passiveness are choices. …

A Building Blocks Schedule using the Tetris approach.

Tuesday morning. Monday was phenomenal. You got so much done. Tuesday is going to build on it. You head to the doctor. You managed to get that precious first appointment. You’ve set aside 30 minutes for that visit, but find yourself on the way home over 90 minutes later. Ugh. You had planned other things during that time.

Your schedule just got hijacked. What now?

Are you a planner? I am. Planning the next day is important. …

This article has been updated entirely with new vendors and removal of software providers in 2021.

👉 Read the 2021 edition here:

Really, I mean it. You would benefit from reading the latest research results in the 2021 edition above! 👆

As a coach, you have to wear many hats: Besides being the Chief Coach, you’re the Head of Marketing, Head of Sales, the Head of Finance (or your spouse is), and you are your own Executive Assistant.

Until your business has grown large enough to hire helpers, you have to juggle that yourself. …

Have you had enough bad news yet? Here is some good news: If your income is affected already by the coronavirus, you are not out of options. These times sure aren’t easy. You may have been hit harder, faster, and need to bridge the income gap right now. Or you have been looking to transition careers for a while, and now your job is looking shaky. Whatever the case, your adaptability during this time matters. So does your engagement. Both will determine who will thrive and not just barely survive job-wise.

I have considered the options for these two scenarios:

What do you see in your social feed: countless diet-fad ads? Or ‘gurus’ offering you help you achieve a breakthrough? Likely both, because that’s the season we’re in. What season? The season for goals and good intentions. The season for gurus to come out and make your life great again.


We want the year to be great. We have goals. And ‘gurus’ know this, so they release their books and courses.

We want to get in shape. We’re looking for a new job. We need better habits, more focus, more clients, more this, less that. You get the pattern.

Corinna Hagen

Goal digger, business writer, cat lover and design aficionado. Leadership Communication Coach and Talent Development Consultant at zaradigm.com.

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